Why do you exist? How can you make a differenze in society? Can you put change into action?

We can represent something, anything, but only within the semantic networks of this crazy world.”
Vasile Ernu

DATES 2021

Eracle, l’invisibile – 28 september/3 october – Teatro Comunale di Vicenza
Medea per Strada – 29/30 october and 5/6 november – Théâtre du Coin des Mondes Evry, Parigi
Residenza artistica on Antigone – 1/8 november – Théâtre du Coin des Mondes – Evry, Parigi
Eracle, l’invisibile – 13 november – Teatro Comunale di Ruvo of Puglia
Medea per Strada – 14 november – Teatro Comunale of Ruvo di Puglia
Medea per Strada – 23/25 november – Teatro Quarticciolo, Rome
Medea per Strada and Filottete Dimenticato – 4/5 december – Cantiere Obraz, Firenze
La Città dei Miti – 7/11 december – Cantieri Teatrali Koreja, Lecce
Cabaret Sacco & Vanzetti – 17/18 dicember – TaTÀ, Taranto
Errori in Corso, open workshp session – 13/23 dicember, Pescara


Available on teatrodeiborgia.it on the main podcast platforms.

City of Myths is a metropolitan poetic dream,

a trilogy of three stories: Medea on the Streets, Heracles the Invisible Man and Philoctetes the Forgotten.

In these plays Medea, Heracles and Philoctetes are three contemporary heroes, but unlike the heroes from above, they do not descend, they are not children of the gods. On the contrary, they are heroes of the marginal world, of the periphery, who tell us about their real tragedies: prostitution, falling into poverty, being abandoned.

In creating City of Myths, Elena Cotugno and Gianpiero Borgia work constantly with social workers, health workers, doctors and psychologists. Collectively they are the foundations of what you see onstage by actively contributing to the shows while they are on the road.

The podcast gives a voice to all the people who take part in the City of Myths project, and over nine episodes it tells you about the real heroes of this metropolitan poetic dream.








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